What our clients say

“As new parents to beautiful 11 month old twin girls, our lives are now defined quite simply by pre-Annie and post-Annie; the latter involving a lot more sleep all round! Pre-Annie life was a steep learning curve but we somehow fuddled our way through, having to navigate 2 cases of reflux (one silent, one less silent), a milk allergy and absolutely no idea on how to handle night time waking. Having dropped night feeds for both girls by 8 months we continued to suffer hugely in attempting to get the girls to sleep through.

Out of desperation I would often resort to putting one or sometimes both girls in bed with me where they would stay until morning – me with hardly any sleep. We decided to finally throw in the towel and call in the big guns and thank God we did!!!

Annie was such a calm, knowledgeable and supportive addition to our family for 2 nights. My husband and I trusted her completely and when we had to be consistent with the girls, having Annie’s support was quite simply the difference is us being able to break the habit or not. Annie ensured we were able to handle and manage our babies during their night time waking, so that the 2 days we invested in having her with us would actually last for as long as we required. Post-Annie, we are a happier and more rested family. The girls have been great and although I do still sometimes hear them wake, they are often quick to get themselves back to sleep. We are hugely grateful and have no hesitation in recommending the fabulous Annie”

“The moment Annie arrived she put me completely at ease with her warmth, kind and down to earth manner. She is very sensitive to new parents and realises that they are often feeling overwhelmed and need help but in a practical and supportive way.

She instantly recognised that we needed to tweak Oscar’s feeding schedule and to start him on a regular evening routine that he would recognise as bedtime. We saw the difference in the quality of all our lives almost immediately!” (K. Mansfield)

“We contacted infant sleep consultants regarding our 7 month old, we were at our wits end, exhausted and even as a couple we were arguing due to lack of sleep! Our daughter would not sleep through the night, constant waking and naps in the day were non-existent unless they were on me and rocked!

We were passed over to Katie and I have to say I never write reviews or give feedback but felt I needed to! It was the best thing we did!

Katie explained why our daughter wasn’t sleeping and took us through every step of the sleep training, but it was all tailored to our daughter! I found that books and websites give you all this advice but nothing beats tailored advice and having someone there for support!

After 3 nights of hard-work she slept through we could not believe it! We were expecting weeks of hell! But we are now 2 months on and she still sleeps through, she even naps every day in her cot and all of this is done putting her down awake!

Also Katie gave us the confidence to know when our daughter needed us or if she was just testing us, this made a massive difference. They maybe little babies but they know what they are doing!

So if any of you are considering contacting the infant sleep consultants do it… you will not regret it!

Thank you so much Katie!” 

“Katie was right there with us through it all.  Most importantly she was understanding and supportive.  She continually built my confidence as a parent, she always made sure to tell me this was normal and we would get through it.  This whole journey has truly transformed our lives.”

“Helen was calm, full of advice and reassurance. She helped us to work out the best approach for our daughter and supported us as we tried to follow things through. She was reassuring and positive on the days things did not go quite ‘according to plan’ offering alternative approaches and tips. Not only is she happier, we are a much happier family.” 

After 10 months of ongoing sleep deprivation courtesy of our gorgeous baby daughter, we had almost reached breaking point! Our daughter had suffered awful reflux as a young baby & she just hadn’t learnt how to settle herself, she was waking nearly every hour through the night. We were very lucky to discover Annie who helped tailor an individual sleep plan for our daughter. I was very anxious about any technique that involves controlled crying but with Annie’s expertise, support & reassurance we decided that the time was right for us to really try to help our little girl. 

Wow! What a result.. After the second night our daughter was starting to settle herself & by the fourth night she was sleeping through. Annie gave us the confidence to persevere when everything seemed so tricky, her advice & encouragement was invaluable. We would highly recommend all sleep deprived parents to seek Annie’s help, you will not regret it & you’ll be giving your child the gift of sleep, that to us is priceless”. 

“When I contacted Katie my 22 week old daughter had started waking 4-5 times a night and I was exhausted.  Katie gave brilliant advice, which did not involve leaving my baby to cry for more than a few minutes and within just a few days she was sleeping so much better, waking only once in the night and settling herself within a few minutes.  Katie was incredibly supportive throughout and kept in regular contact to see how we were getting on.  We were amazed by the fast results”.

“Helen has transformed our lives! Our son had been having sleep issues since he was 5 months old, he ended up co-sleeping with us and we had given up on trying to get him in his own room. After much thinking, we chose Helen to help us. Helen’s manner was so warm and friendly that my son immediately took to her. She was very knowledgeable, explained all parts of sleep training to me and gave me the confidence to tackle our son’s problem in a considerate and caring way.  She advised us on changes we should make to our day routine to help K sleep better during the day and night.

We now have a son that sleeps through the night (uninterrupted most of the time), my husband and I have reclaimed the marital bed and our son is the happiest we have seen him for months.  We are not second guessing every symptom and he is so much fun now that he is better rested.  More importantly, I’m more able to be the mum that I know he needs and I want to be…this is all thanks to Helen! “

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