Annie features on Ferne McCann: First time mum

Is your kid getting up too early in the morning?

From the right nightwear to different lights, Katie shares some tips on what to do to help prevent early rising.

The exact nap schedule to guarantee your kid sleeps through the night

Annie explains the important of sleep pressure and recommends age-appropriate routines to help your child sleep better.

Parents pay £600 to stop cry babies

Katie features in The Times discussing the benefits and importance of hiring a sleep consultant.

Parents paying hundreds to get babies to sleep through the night

Annie discusses why parents are seeking help with sleep trainers. 

Can't put the baby to bed? Hire a sleep consultant

Annie discusses why hiring a sleep consultant is a service worth paying for.

Is it right to train babies to sleep?

 Katie is interview for BBC news online.

Daylight Savings: Advice For Parents To Ensure An Easy Sleep Schedule When The Clocks Change

Katie gives advice to ensure an easy sleep schedule when the clocks change

Life hacks to get the kids in bed on time.

Annie shared some tips about how to get to bed on time. I also dispel myths about white noise, light nights and the clock change

How to tell your nightmares from night terrors?

Annie advises on how to differentiate between nightmares and night terrors and how to respond to each one.

Katie discusses sleep training on BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours.

Scroll forward 22 minutes to hear the piece.

The Happy Birth Book by Beverly Turner and Pam Wild

Annie features in Zzz is for Sleep in The Happy Birth Book

The experts weigh in on training baby to sleep better

We were delighted to feature on Aden and Anais’ blog to talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep and how to achieve this

Toddler sleep issues

Annie Simpson discusses the challenges of toddler sleep training.

It's Twins! Now what? by Jessica Bomford

Annie gives sleep training advice on how to get twins/multiples sleeping through.

SOS: Your Baby Won't Sleep

Annie talks about the three C’s when getting your child to sleep with Mother & Baby.

7 ways to prepare your baby for when the clocks go back

Helen talks about how to prepare your little one when the clocks change

Wednesday Lunch Club Q+A With Baby Sleep Expert Katie Palmer

Katie features on Wednesday lunchtime to talk about tips for getting your child to sleep.

SOS: Your Baby Won't Sleep

Annie talks about the three C’s when getting your child to sleep with Mother & Baby.

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