About us

 Infant Sleep Consultants


We strive to set high professional standards. We all have accredited training (OCN level 5 and 6) and are fully insured with current DBS checks and paediatric first aid.

Infant Sleep Consultants is run by three highly experienced and trained professionals who have each had over twenty five years experience with babies and children. We offer help and advice with your child from newborn to sixteen years. We do not have a “one solution fits all” approach as we know every child is different. 

Our aim is to educate and empower parents to make positive changes and for everyone to get the rest they deserve.  We take a holistic approach to create a  sleep plan that you can manage and one which takes into account the needs of the child and expectations of each family.

By the time parents contact us, they have often spoken to many well meaning friends and searched extensively on the internet. Although there is a vast amount of information out there all aimed at assisting tired parents, much of it contains conflicting advice so we have found parents become overloaded with information and overwhelmed by what to do next.

We are all parents so fully understand and empathise with the demands and challenges of parenthood and our expertise will ease the path for you….we’ve been there, we get it! We will be there to support you through any confidence dips and are certain that with our reassurance and some consistency, your child will be sleeping through in no time!

Our sleep training techniques use evidence based research. We may not be telling you something you haven’t read but explaining how sleep works and how to make sleep training methods applicable to your situation.  

Sleep training packages are designed to resolve all sleep related issues from persistent night waking to fraught bedtimes or nightmares and helping your child to sleep in their own bed. Using proven soothing techniques, the whole family will be sleeping better within a few nights! We also offer home visits for groups of friends who would like trouble shooting sessions for advice and guidance.

Katie Palmer

Sleep Practitioner

Katie grew up in the New Forest and has been working with families on a one to one basis for 25 years. She started her career working as a nanny around the world before moving to London and working as a private maternity nurse. That led on to work as a sleep trainer and troubleshooter, helping parents through to find a manageable solution to their child’s sleep problems. She has furthered her own professional development with a focus on sleep as a critical component of children’s development (and parents’ sanity!). She is NNEB and MNT trained and has completed the Solent NHS trust sleep practitioner certification, her advanced OCN level 6 sleep practitioner training and training in reflux and early allergies. Katie also works as a sleep practitioner with the NHS and CAMHS. 

She is a mum to three boys including twins. She can fully understand the daily dilemas of modern parenting. She is passionate about teaching families the importance of good sleep and working with parents, supporting them to create their ideal sleep scenario.

Katie is based near Sevenoaks in Kent and covers home visits in West Kent, East Surrey, West Sussex, SW and SE London.

Annie Simpson

BA Hons, Sleep Practitioner

With 30 years’ experience in the childcare field, with roles varying from nannying to supporting children with special needs, Annie began maternity nursing to provide new mothers with reassurance and support, not to mention some well needed rest! With an interest in sleep related problems, Annie began sleep training infants, empowering parents with her knowledge and restoring a happy balance in the family home. 

As well as her degree, Annie is MNT trained in both sleep training and breastfeeding, successfully completed the EDS Paediatric Sleep course (OCN Level 5) and has recently completed a course on Reflux and Early Allergies in infants. To further her own professional development, Annie has has also completed the NAS Early bird Autism course, Anxiety in children and has recently started a course on SEND law through IPSEA. 

She has three children of her own and believes that not only does this give her fantastic hands on experience but also the ability to empathise and relate to parents’ concerns, which is crucial when you are looking after the most precious little people in their lives.

Annie is based in Kew, near Richmond upon Thames and covers home visits in the London and Surrey area.

Helen Broadhead

Sleep Practitioner

Originally from Sheffield, Helen has a career spanning over 25 years of caring for and educating children. She completed her NNEB diploma and started her working life as a nanny. Helen has a wealth of experience which includes supporting children with special education needs in a school setting as well as working in private homes.

Throughout her working life Helen has cared for many babies and was soon to realise that a happy contented baby was the product of a relaxed and well rested parent. This led to a career in sleep training which has become her vocation. Helen has worked with countless families helping them implement a good routine and sleeping pattern for their child and, in turn, develop the confidence and skills of the parents. Her unwavering guidance and depth of knowledge provides them with the initial hands on support and the tools to succeed on their own with the knowledge that she continues to support throughout the whole process at the end of the phone. She has completed the MNT and Southampton Sleep Clinic Training.

A mother of two, Helen understands how tiring and emotional being a parent can be. She understands how precious our children are to us and strives to help parents give them one of the best gifts they can, the ability to sleep.

Helen is based near Uxbridge near Middlesex and covers home visits in the London, Surrey and Middlesex area.