Baby sleep consultant, night nanny, sleep advisor
Baby sleep consultant, night nanny, sleep advisor
Expert advice for a good night's sleep!
Expert advice for a good night's sleep!

Legal notice

All advice and guidance supplied by Infant Sleep Consultants is provided as general information from my experience only and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or healthcare professional.


Infant Sleep Consultants is not responsible or liable for any situation whereby an infant does not sleep through the night based on the content of our sleep consultancy programme. If the child reverts after having used our sleep training programme, it is important to recognise that this can be part of normal development due to growth spurts, teething and illness.


Our sleep advisors do not claim to be medically qualified above and beyond the OCN Sleep Training Course and NHS Sleep Training Programme.  You should always consult your GP or healthcare professional if you are in any way concerned about your child.



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Top tips

Keep bedtimes calm and have a consistent bedtime routine in place which your baby will learn to adapt to and quickly come to expect, going down to sleep without a fuss.


If your child wakes in the night, try not to rush in too quickly as this sometimes disturbs them and you won't give them the opportunity to settle themselves on their own.


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