Expert advice for a good night's sleep!
Expert advice for a good night's sleep!

What our clients have said about us!

"Annie took the time to understand our situation – not simply our baby but our family dynamic and our feelings. Her approach was “soft’ but inspired confidence and we quickly felt reassured, supported and that we could depend on her with our young baby. Her approach was never uncomfortable or intrusive and at no point did we feel judged" (M. Henderson)



Katie gave my husband and I the knowledge and confidence to teach our 8 month old daughter to self settle and sleep through the night. Previously our baby was waking 2-6 times each night and was being fed and / or rocked to sleep. The night after Katie's visit our baby only woke once and after 2 nights she was sleeping through and has done so ever since. 


Katie was supportive, knowledgeable and totally transformed our home. Nap and bedtimes now are easy and I no longer worry about when she is going to wake and how much sleep I won't have! 


Katie's professionalism and experience is worth its weight in gold and we couldn't be happier with Katie's service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Katie to other parents. (E. Mayall)





"Helen has been everything we were looking for as a support model for helping our twins sleep through the night. They were 7 months old and we had developed every bad habit that needed determination and courage to break! To survive the 1st half the year we used soothers to help them, lots of rocking and bouncing in the day to nap and lastly we were co sleeping and sharing the king size bed that felt like a single bed between 4 of us!


Whilst I have no regrets with cuddling up with our twin babies, my husband and I knew it was time for a change and to get our evenings back and some control.


Helen calmly explained all options and reassured us that we would be able to have the full nights sleep we were longing for if we followed the plan. She showed and explained the technique to us and was available for any questions. Helen's communication was clear and made things that were compacted simple and practical.


Night one they slept after 40 minutes. By night 4 my twin boys went straight to sleep! By night 8 both babies understood it was bed time and learned the skill to sleep alone and without a soother. I am gob smacked and sometimes still cannot believe it!!! Without Helen's knowledge/experience and reassuring personality we would not be enjoying a glass of red right now! Having twins is a blessing but can be hard work but now we have time for us again. Thank you Helen, [...] enjoy their new routine very much with an added bonus that Mummy & Daddy are also enjoying some us/me time again! I would recommend Helen for anyone that is needing help & great support with their baby or for a parent of multiples" (M. Kumar) 



"We found Katie to be professional, knowledgeable and extremely good at her job.  We had 11 months of interrupted sleep and after one night our daughter has slept happily for 12 hours each and every night.  Katie was a pleasure to have in our home as she was supportive, considerate and polite.  We are so grateful to have found her."(T. Baxter-Warman)






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Keep bedtimes calm and have a consistent bedtime routine in place which your baby will learn to adapt to and quickly come to expect, going down to sleep without a fuss.


If your child wakes in the night, try not to rush in too quickly as this sometimes disturbs them and you won't give them the opportunity to settle themselves on their own.


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