Expert advice for a good night's sleep!
Expert advice for a good night's sleep!

Infant Sleep Consultants in the press!

February 2019 - Annie appeared on Ferne McCann: First Time Mum.

April 2018 - Infant Sleep Consultants are on Aden and Anais' blog talking about the importance of a good night's sleep and how to achieve this.

April 2017. The Happy Birth Book by Beverley Turner and Pam Wild. Annie features in Zzz is for Sleep.

April 2017. Annie appeared on an episode of  Sam and Billie Faier's: The Mummy Diaries.                  Katie is interview for BBC news online


September 19 2016. Annie discusses why hiring a sleep consultant is a service worth paying for.
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September 21 2016, Annie discusses why  parents are seeking help with sleep trainers.

September 19 2016, Katie is featured in The Times discussing the benefits and importance of hiring a sleep consultant


September 19 2016, Annie appears on SKY news to discuss the growing industry of sleep trainers and why it's important.



September 2016. Katie discusses sleep training on BBC Radio 4 - You and Yours. Scroll forward 22 minutes to hear the piece.

May 2016 - - Annie Simpson discusses the challenges o toddler sleep training.

March 2016 - - Sleep Training: Why This Mum Invited A Stranger To Stay Overnight To Solve Her Babies' Sleep Problems - Annie Simpson discuss sleep training twins with the Fuoco family.

Huff Post Parents

March 2016 - - Daylight Savings: Advice For Parents To Ensure An Easy Sleep Schedule When The Clocks Change. Katie Palmer tells you how to cope with the clock change.

February 2016 - "It's Twins! Now What by Jessica Bomford. Annie Simpson gives sleep training advice on how to get twins/multiples sleeping through.

The Kaye Adams Programme - BBC Radio Scotland

November 2015 - The Kaye Adams Programme - BBC Radio Scotland. Katie Palmer discusses how to get your baby sleeping.

July 2015 - Mother and Baby Magazine. Annie Simpson gives top tips about how a bath time routine can help get your little ones to sleep.

May 2015 - Mother & Baby Magazine, Katie Palmer answers readers questions about sleep.

Angels and Urchins - Spring 2015 Edition: London's top three sleep gurus - including ISC's Katie Palmer .

Feburary 2015 - Mother & Baby Magazine - Katie Palmer's quick sleep fixes for the middle of the night.

November 2014 - Baby London magazine - Lullaby and Goodnight. Exploring the pain of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome with Annie Simpson.

Lullaby and Goodnight
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March 28 2014 - Tesco Living magazine - Coping with the clock change. with Annie Simpson.

Listen again to Katie on BBC Radio Kent.  Scroll forward to 1 hour 15 minutes into the program.



December 2013 - NCT quarterly magazine - East Grinstead branch.


An article about how sleep deprivation can make everything spiral and one mother's account of her problem and how Katie Palmer helped her resolve it.



October 29 2013 - Mother and Baby - SOS: Your Baby Won't Sleep! with Annie Simpson.


October 28 2013 - Mother and Baby - How to cope with your child's routine when the clocks change  with Helen Broadhead.




October 24 2013 - Mother and Baby - Wednesday lunch club Q&A with sleep expert Katie Palmer.



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Keep bedtimes calm and have a consistent bedtime routine in place which your baby will learn to adapt to and quickly come to expect, going down to sleep without a fuss.


If your child wakes in the night, try not to rush in too quickly as this sometimes disturbs them and you won't give them the opportunity to settle themselves on their own.


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